Enjoy comfort food minus the guilt

Brrrrr! It’s that time of year where the plunging temperatures make you want to hibernate under the duvet and stay there until the sun comes out. Appealing – yes, realistic? Not so much! When you have to brave the big freeze, warm winter comfort food is just about the only thing that hits the hunger spot. Fortunately, packing on the pounds as the blustery weather sets in doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of the season, in fact if you make a few simple choices you can still indulge in hearty food without having to worry about your waistline.

The hectic Christmas period is upon us but who says you have to abandon your diet?Whilst a busy social calendar often doesn’t leave much room for making homemade meals, eating healthily on the go is an easy way to make sure your weight stays on track during the festive season. Vital Ingredient’s range of ready to go hot food is the ultimate schedule-saver when time is short and you don’t want your healthy habits to go down the drain. Our range of nutritionally balanced hot pots are freshly made in store everyday and they taste absolutely delish!

Take your tastebuds on a tantalising tour around the world with our Penang Laksa – a steaming Malaysian-inspired dish pimped up with exotic coconut and an enticing blend of authentic Asian flavours. In need of a protein hit? Our Dahl Malama combines super-filling lentils with fragrant spices to keep you satisfied all afternoon. Prefer a taste of the Med? Don’t miss our signature Ratatouille – a Mediterranean-style vegetable stew loaded with health-boosting antioxidants in a thick tomato sauce. Made with the finest, freshest ingredients our guilt-free quick pots are convenient and score high on the nutritional scale too. Just eat and go!