Shape Up for Summer

Vital-Ingredient-CYO-breakfast-240714If you’re looking to turn heads on the beach or simply want to get in better shape for the sunny days that lie ahead, a balanced diet is a big part of the equation. Along with regular exercise, choosing the right foods will ensure you look and feel your best. Faddy diets should be out, and a diet that tastes good yet nourishes your body from the inside out is the way forward to help streamline your body for summer. Three meals plus two snacks should form the basis of your diet and meals should be a combination of lean protein, (poultry, legumes or fish) complex carbohydrates, (brown rice, wholegrain pasta or sweet potato) and good fats, (nuts or avocado) with oodles of vegetables and fruit thrown in the mix.

Opting for lighter meals is an easy way to shave calories off your daily intake and at Vital Ingredient there’s tons of delicious choices to tuck into when you’re feeling a little peckish. Check out our salad bar for a lunchtime option that’s sure to work for you. We allow you to customise ingredients to suit your exact needs – whether you want to go high protein, low cal or pack in a range of colourful veggies for super health benefits. We also have some awesome seasonal specials on our Summer Fresh menu which features a selection of salads crammed with health-enhancing ingredients like crunchy carrot, plump tomatoes and exotic mango. Then there’s always our Guest Menu which focuses on inspiring dishes that change every two weeks – you can be sure to find a healthy yet tasty option to keep your diet on track.

To keep you feeling invigorated in between meals there’s lots of ways to eat clean. Nibble on protein-packed nuts and seeds, fill up on a mini fruit and quinoa pot, or guzzle back a green juice for a super-energising mid afternoon boost. Snacking helps to keep your hunger under control and forms a vital part of a healthy eating plan.

Want to know more? Try our top three tips to get summer holiday-ready, fast!

1 / Don’t Skip Breakfast
Research shows that breakfast eaters are slimmer than those who skip the morning meal.
No time to eat on the run? Vital Ingredient has loads of options to help you fuel up first thing from create-your-own breakfast, bowls, smoothies and fruit bowls to a selection of filling hot breakfasts.

2 / Drink Up
Aim to drink at least 1.5 litres of water and herbal teas daily to keep bloating at bay and flush away toxins.
Try Vital Ingredient’s aromatic fruit teas, peppermint, green tea and chamomile varieties for an antioxidant upgrade.

3 / Eat a Rainbow
Vegetables help to fill you up without filling you out so aim to eat a minimum of 7 portions everyday.
Our Build Your Own salad bowls are a great way to increase your intake as you can create a salad around your favourite ingredients.

Words by: Louise Pyne

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Vital Delivers! Here's our new team member.VITAL DELIVERS!!!…….. Meet the newest member of our team, our lovely delivery trolley!

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