New year’s resolution, but I mean it


You can find Avocado in our salad deck

Working at Vital really has focused my mind on what I eat and how often. The beauty of our stores is that you can make your lunch whichever way you like, there really are millions of combinations in our salad operation!

At the moment there are two areas that food is being revolutionised on the high street. One is superfoods and the other is raw foods. Both of which, we cover in our stores beautifully compared to the overly stodgy and starchy run of the mill sandwiches that are generally available.

I have recently changed my lifestyle not to include refined sugars (really hard to do especially with a sweet tooth like mine – chocaholic) and include more superfoods and raw where possible. There is research just beginning to scrape the surface on how good this way of eating is for you and still much more to be done in this field.

I have added in some of the things we do in store which have helped me not only lose weight but feel far more energetic over the last few months. I have done nothing else but watch what I eat.

Leafy greens:
What’s so amazing about the leaf is that calorie for calorie, they deliver more nutrients than just about any other food on the planet. Loaded with fibre, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, leafy greens stock your body with the artillery needed to fight off potential killers like heart disease and cancer. Simply put: leaves benefit virtually every cell you’ve got! I choose these everyday for lunch – spinach being my fave!

Don’t be afraid of an avocado because you think it’s fattening! The often over-looked avocado is a delicious, creamy superfood that’s simply too health-boosting to skip. The myriad of healthy fats and nutrients found in avocados – oleic acid, lutein, folate, vitamin E, monounsaturated fats and glutathione among them help keep the GP away. I aim to add this in twice a week at least.

Tasty, sweet and packed with disease-fighting phytochemicals, flavinoids and soluble fibre - blueberries have the power to help prevent serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stomach ulcers and high blood pressure. In sum, blueberries are nearly miraculous! They also help tame inflammation throughout the body and can reduce “bad” cholesterol – so dig in for better health. We sell these in the morning when you create your own breakfast in a bowl or smoothie or as a dessert in the superberry pot (my new alternative for the crisps and chocolate)!

Above is just a snippet of the changes I have made daily and am reaping the benefits. We eat at least three times a day everyday so being careful is really important. I did sneak in a little choclolate over valentines (it was a gift!) every now and then can’t hurt.

Operations Manager, Emmett Loughran

Healthy winter comfort food


Brrr! It’s cold outside and a healthy, comfort food fix is just the ticket to take you through the cold dark days ahead. Thankfully, we’ve got loads of healthy options to fill you up and keep you feeling your best this February.

There’s nothing quite like a steaming bowl of soup to keep out the cold on a freezing cold day and our soup selection is an amazing way to enjoy seasonal winter vegetables and give your immune system a much needed shake up. Want to set your tastebuds alight whilst filling up on hearty, mouth-watering food? The street food menu, which features chilli con carne, chipotle chicken & black beans and butternut, lentil & spinach stew will satisfy your tum and your senses. Each of our stews are crammed with protein – an essential macronutrient which helps to keep excess wobbles at bay and served on a bed of fibre-rich brown rice.

Jacket potatoes are always a classic go-to lunch choice when cold weather strikes and we’ve got a variety of nutritious hot toppings to warm your cockles as the temperatures drop. And finally, we’ve got to mention our hot wrap menu which offers low GI wheat bran wraps filled with exciting toppings like spicy meatballs, tijuana chicken and piri piri veg which all pack in nutrients and flavour. Mmmm!