Behind the scenes of one of our photoshoots

This is a very exciting week for us at Vital Ingredient, as we are launching our super delicious new delivery platters. Nicola, our Head of Food has been busy creating twelve new healthy platters and I’ve had the very easy task of making them look incredibly scrumptious.

Our first day of a three-day shoot starts with a briefing with the photographer, assistant, food stylist and Nicola. We discussed the shots, the lighting, angles, the set and the props; we all knew we had a very hectic few days ahead.

Since starting at Vital Ingredient, I’ve created a photography style that is clean and simplistic, with the focus being on showing the quality of the food. Our fresh ingredients are so vibrant in colour and provide interesting shapes, therefore a white rustic wooden surface is the ideal surface to compliment. Any extra propping comes from either the packaging itself or any additional ingredient cues. The focus is pin sharp on the food, which slightly tapers off to create depth with a mid to high camera angle that allows the food to be the focus with less background. The lighting is bright to create a fresh, natural setting.

Each shot takes different amount of times to capture, sometimes the shots you think will be the easiest actually turn out to be the most challenging. This was the case for our Raw and Naked Smoothie shot. This actually took us over an hour and a half! Also you may think it might be easy to create a platter that contains twenty wraps, but to make this shot perfectly we probably made thirty wraps!

Each shot follows the same process, the home stylist prepares the food and makes it look delicious, (which is easy!!) she places it on set and the photographer captures it. I then spend time tweaking the composition to create the shot I want for all the marketing material.

Our new delivery platters consist of Breakfast pastries, sandwiches and muffins, which will keep energy levels soaring all morning. Antipasti platters, protein pots, flatbread wraps, and salads are the perfect choice for a healthy buffet-style lunch that tick the flavour boxes. We also offer a range of dessert options including fresh fruit and sweet treats to finish your meal up nicely.

My personal favourite is the Raw & Naked Platter, I love healthy smoothies and Nicola’s is the Antipasto.

Head of Design, Laura Armstrong