My first 90 days


Having joined the Vital team in mid-May I am now ninety days into my role here and I have enjoyed every minute of it. In common with every new role you take on the first few weeks were rather hectic, I have now settled into my new role and am feeling part of the team so now feels like a good time to pause and reflect back on my time here.

First, a little bit about me. I have 25 years experience in the food business and have had the good fortune to work for brands such as Pret a Manger, Leon, Starbucks and KFC. I suppose that the next question people might ask is “Why Vital?” Why indeed! Having been involved with a variety of well-known brands I believe that I have a good idea about what makes a successful brand, its things like the concept being both simple to understand and offering great quality at a reasonable price, its offering people something slightly different and it’s about doing all of these things with passion and dedication. For me, Vital is all of these things and this coupled with the fact that the business is led by some fantastic people meant that when the opportunity to join the Vital team arose I had no hesitation in saying “yes”.

The last three months have been exciting on a personal basis as there are some huge advantages working in such a health conscious business. I have been eating lots of our food and since joining I’ve not only lost a lot of weight I’m feeling healthier and I now have a lot more energy, working at Vital has really opened my eyes to the benefits of eating right.

So what about the future? In the short term we are doing some more work on our food and you can expect our menu to offer some exciting new ingredients and house salads shortly, we are also redesigning the menu boards in our stores which will make them easier to navigate as well as giving our stores a bit of a lift, hopefully you will like the new look! We will be opening a number of new stores next year so we are busy preparing for this. There are so many exciting plans in the pipeline and I am really looking forward to the next ninety days and beyond.

Paolo Peretti Managing Director