Autumn Seasonal Launch

We’ve had a busy few weeks at Vital Ingredient with the launch of our much anticipated seasonal Autumn Menu. This is the first time we’ve had a launch of this scale. Previously we’ve updated parts of our offering; the breakfast or delivery menu, however this launch involved updating our full Menu to include our new Autumn ingredients.

With all these changes to the Menus we decided this was the perfect opportunity to update the design of our menu boards across the estate. It has been three years since our last redesign and although the boards had a rustic charm, I was very much aware that the boards were very tired and the stores would very much benefit from a contemporary design.

The redesign involved simplifying the menu layout and categorising it under four headlines; Create your own, House, Hot food and Drinks menu boards. Photos of the food were added and the copy was updated to a more legible font. All graphics were printed onto a lighter 5mm foamex board, which is easier for the team members to lift when changing the menu from breakfast to lunch. The printed foamex boards are now hanging and supported from a fixed blackened steel back board. The result is a more professional menu that really allows our Autumn Menu to shout out.

Baker St after

New menu boards at Baker Street

The installation occurred over a week, our signage guys visited four stores a night, with each store taking 2-3 hours to remove existing menu boards and hang the new boards and directional signs. It was rather a painful week of long hours and unfortunately a staggered launch, which we were trying to avoid. However, the feedback from both customers and team members has been great and all the hard work has most certainly paid off.

The Autumn Menu is available now in all our stores and in head office we’re busy working on our hot food menu. The food photography shoot is booked for mid November and the new menu will be available from the beginning of next year.

Head of Design, Laura Armstrong