New Year New Menu – with a little help from our team

Hot Food generic stews

You may have noticed that we’ve had a few changes in recent weeks. A new menu is always a busy and exciting time, and since October we’ve been working away on what to introduce in January to shake things up, and specifically to develop our hot food range.

January is not the most fun time of year, as we’ve probably all experienced over recent weeks, and trying to be healthy and virtuous is often not the most appealing option. So this was the inspiration behind the new items, to keep lots of healthy options on the menu but add a bit more excitement, and improve on what we already had.

Following lots of research, tastings, brainstorming and hard graft by Nicola, our head of food (she’s a guru of all things healthy and delicious) we decided to feature a range of products based on street food from around the world. We still wanted to flexibility for you to be able to eat your way (that’s how we work after all) so we focused on creating variety, flavour, options for those on restricted diets and of course good value.

‘Our store managers come from around the world (Morocco, Spain, Lithuania and Columbia to name a few!) and we asked them for inspiration for new hot food dishes,’ explains Nicola.  ‘My favourite is the Brazilian Pork Feijoada, which was suggested by Joffer, our manager in Artillery Row.  I worked with Joffer to get the perfect recipe, and he was pretty strict to make sure the recipe was as authentically Brazilian as possible!  The result is delicious, and it’s proving really popular with our customers.  In Brazil the dish would be traditionally served with orange wedges, which you can try in Artillery Row, and maybe be served by Joffer too!’

So you can now pop into any Vital store and enjoy 4 different bases, or a combination, topped with Brazilian Pork Feijoada, Sri Lankan chicken, Thai green curry, saag paneer or chilli con carne – all hot, healthy and filling, which fits in perfectly with what we believe; that you can eat healthily every day and never be bored or hungry.

We are still (of course) salad heroes, and you can grab a freshly tossed salad made exactly to your specifications, and our breakfast is a lovely start to the day, with lots of options from create-your-own breakfast bowls to a lovely bacon muffin and fresh-ground coffee.

We’ve also just started working with Sibberi Birch Water which you can try in our Artillery Row and Fleet Street stores – a great addition to the range.

We want to know what you think about the new developments, so let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or drop us a line over on the contact page.

Happy end-of-January!

The Vital Team