Avoiding Gluten

If you’re still eating healthily based on New Year’s resolutions, well done, you’re doing a great job! It’s so easy to fall of the wagon, especially when it’s cold and miserable, although the days are now mercifully getting longer, so the end is in sight!

What can make healthy eating even more challenging is if for whatever reason you have to choose gluten free or dairy free – not so bad when you’re shopping and cooking yourself, but much more difficult when it comes to eating out.

Something that’s very important to us at Vital is making sure that we have a wide range of options for those who can’t eat gluten and/or dairy, and not only that they are there but that they are delicious. Our founder Alex is intolerant to gluten and taste tests everything we introduce, so you’re hearing it from the horse’s mouth.

Fifty of our salad bar ingredients don’t contain gluten and 49 don’t contain dairy, so lots of choice available! Our Bang Bang chicken is one of our most popular signature salads, containing no gluten or dairy, just a delicious selection of chicken, roquito peppers, vegetables and sweet chilli & lime dressing.

We change up the menu regularly so if there’s anything you particularly fancy or you have any feedback just let us know and we’ll see how we can incorporate it.

See you soon!

The Vital Team