How important is it for restaurants to have a conscience?

Eating out, both at lunchtime and at evenings and weekends, is more of a key part of life than it’s ever been, and as such we have to develop more awareness of what we are doing to our environment, both as companies and consumers, or future generations won’t have anything left. Food waste is a huge issue, and something that all food outlets need to be aware of, no matter what their offering is. The food industry wastes 2.5 billon tonnes of food per year, and it’s something we at Vital are addressing, along with several other factors, as part of our partnership with the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s Food Made Good program.

We are also working with Paper Round, who help us deal with other waste in a sustainable way, and our Artillery Row store was awarded for saving over 15,000kg of carbon dioxide in 2015. We look forward to seeing the results for this year!

Something we often get asked about is our packaging, and you might be surprised to know that everything we use to contain your salads, hot food and coffees is made from recycled materials, and our plastic bags are recyclable too. We send our leftover food to be processed by an anaerobic digestion system, meaning we’re helping to produce gasses used for energy and fertiliser for more food. The circle of life in action!
The upshot is that although we are operating in a high-waste industry, our beliefs and ethos mean that we are always going to do as much as possible to limit our environmental impact. It is very important for all businesses to have an environmental conscience, and we do as much as we can to demonstrate that day to day.