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Eating well is undoubtedly one of the most important pillars of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition has become a big part of our lives, with all the information, commercials and weird-sounding, exotic products available to us, everyone might feel a bit confused and overwhelmed.

Here are some of the basic and well-known rules that we hear:
- 5 a day (5 portions of fruit and veg per day)
- Do not skip breakfast (Often quoted as the most important meal of the day)
- Stay hydrated (Or, drink lots of water)
- Cut down sugar (Hidden away in so much of the processed food that we eat these days)
- Energy balance and calories counting (Carbs for lunch, protein and lower calorie intake in the evening)

These basic rules generally work for everyone, but we need to remember that no two humans are the same. Each of us is different, we have different habits, lifestyles, occupations, personalities, weights, heights, metabolic types and GENES.

It might seem hard to believe but everything is related to our DNA – our hair colour, body type and apparently nutrition preferences as well. It would seem that our individual DNA has likes and dislikes (You could call it a personality) and reacts differently to what it is exposed to.

Wouldn’t it be useful to understand our DNA’s personality and thus be able to influence it in a positive manner?

The growing and fascinating world of Nutrigenetics (The study of the effects of foods and food constituents on gene expression) make this possible!
Thomas Olivier – Nutrigenomics Practitioner, Speaker and Author of “Cracking your health code” is revolutionising modern (yet proven) genetic theory and the way, we as humans see ourselves.

Thomas Oliver was the first coach in the UK to offer fitness and nutrition plans based on your individual DNA make up.


Thanks to his home testing “23andMe” saliva kit (Yes, just a little bit of spit is all that’s needed to lock the secret personality of your DNA) – gene analysis is simpler than ever and easily affordable to everyone.

No more guess work or irrelevant information overload, and even better – no more inadequate, strict fad diets that do not fit with your DNA’s personality.

This simple test helps us to unlock the answers to questions like:
- How my body metabolises fat?
- Do I need to avoid carbs?
- Do I suffer from any food intolerances?
- What are my individual nutritional needs?
- What ingredients should I focus on today?

Make the most of your DNA test with free access to Thomas’s GenSmart App (available on AppStore)

As well as exploring the above questions it also includes personalised life-hacks, recommends meals, and ingredients all linked to your personalised DNA test.

At Vital our philosophy has always been Eat Your Way. We believe in giving you variety and choice with every meal you enjoy with us. We are always looking at ways to expand on this philosophy and have recently launched our Eat Your Way hot menu.

If you are interested in DNA testing and exploring this new level of personal wellbeing, Vital has the perfect menu to complement your findings. Why not drop us an email and let us know what you think. We would love to open the debate on DNA testing and have the knowledge and support of Thomas to answer all your questions.

Your health – Your responsibility – Helped by Vital Ingredient.