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About Us


In 2001, Vital Ingredient were the first movers into creating a store allowing you to eat just the way you want to, using the ingredients you actually want to eat and all prepared in front of you. Our ingredients are still delivered and prepared each day in our own kitchens, this is the reason everything always looks and tastes so good.  For breakfast, we bring back the magic and joy of being able to create your perfect breakfast bowl from over 40 ingredients – now you really can have the breakfast of champions with our Breakfast Bowls.  For lunch, you can choose from 7 different bases, 45 fresh ingredients and 10 homemade dressings to make your perfect salad.  There’s also a huge range of delicious soups, hotbox’es & ramens and a great choice of healthy ready to go ‘super’ salads, wraps, healthy ‘raw’ pots, snacks and interesting and healthy homemade desserts.

We are always working on new ideas and trying different ingredients. We really do listen to you, our patrons, so if you have any ideas or suggestions please do get in touch with us, our chief food man would be very pleased to hear from you.


We are always looking for new stores, please do let us know if you know of a great location near you and we will rush over and check it out.


We get a great deal people asking for a franchise, however we are not currently considering franchising in the UK or worldwide.

Join our team

As we are opening more stores, one by one, we always have opportunity for excellent people to join us as a Team Member or in Management. Please click here if you want to know more.

Contact Us

Do you have a question that you are dying to ask us, or an idea you want to share with us? You may even want to be angry and shout at us, but hopefully you just want to say “well done”!  Please click here if you want to get in touch.