New year, new you…?

Hold on, there’s nothing wrong with the old you.

You probably indulged over the festive season, but 1. who didn’t, and 2. it would be pretty sad to refuse all that delicious food and drink when it comes around so infrequently.

The thing to bear in mind is balance – getting back in the swing of things. Cycle to work, get to that pump class, do some yoga in front of the telly if you fancy. The leftovers (if you have anything left) can even be a bit healthier than the original if you throw them into soups and salad, eat the cheese and chocolate sparingly and save the leftover jar of goose fat for another roast down the line rather than spreading it on toast (as someone we know likes to do!).

Detoxing is actually a myth, peddled by companies who make huge amounts of money from the concept. Just use common sense, eat a balanced diet through the year and enjoy a few treats here and there.

Like they say, it’s January to December that counts, not December to January. #dontdetox.

See you soon!


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